Monday, July 12, 2004

This and That

Its not that I don't love you - I've just been a little busy the past few days. One of the reasons that I've been busy will show up tomorrow. in the mean time, here are a few random political things:

Birthdays and Politics: I helped Janna celebrate her birthday at Elliot's Oyster House, and through chance ended up seated to a young woman who had been a local reporter for many years, so I got a great heaping chunk of cool stories about the local political situation. She also told me about how the new primary system was driving a friend of hers crazy. The friend is out of Orcus Island, and while she votes Democrat at the State/National level, she votes Republican on local issues (land use is a big item for her). Now, with the new Primary setup, she either has to ditch her Democrat leanings at the upper level or her Republican leanings at the local level. In other words, one party or the other has lost a voter, while the other has gained one that may not want their candidate to win. Way to go, guys.

Whatever Happened To Condoleeza Rice? A few months back she was all over the place, and now she's just vanished entirely. What gives? And how is it that National Security is so imperilled that there is serious talk about postponing the election but not so dire that Dick Cheney is still allowed out of his secure location?

More on Moore Now in its third week, I'm kinda amazed by the effort the right-wing has made to keep this movie present in everyone's mind. Most of my left-of-center friends, who have been paying attention to the twists of national politics for the past few years, have just given a nod and said, "Yeah, its OK". Its the right that seems bound and determined to make people see it. First among equals in this case are the Brainiacs who are making it available as pirate online versions, claiming that Moore doesn't like corporate ownership, so he can't complain (I doubt he will, but the corporate owners will). So lets see - we have a movie critical of the current presidency, and in order to get people not to see it, you're making it even easier to get ahold of. Yeah, that's bright.

And finally, Darn the Luck! I am deeply disappointed to learn that the microfilm records of the President's military service were inadvertantly destroyed in the mid-nineties. The very documents that could prove that he was where he claimed to be. Oh, the luck! Oh, the perfidious luckI

More later,