Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Up for an Award

So something I worked on is up for an award. Its the 2004 InQuest Fan Awards, which are an online award in conjunction with InQuest magazine, a glossy publication that lusts to be a lads mag for gamers (Yeah, that's an image that will sear your retinas). The link is here, so go vote.

Anyway, their nomination process looks a little wonky, and their selection of nominees is ecletic if nothing else. I'm in the collectible miniatures catagory with the Rebel Storm set for Star Wars. I did some Heroclix as well that were well-received by the fans, but they didn't get a nomination. Like I said, eclectic.

Most of the rest of the catagories are really inside-the-beltway deep geek (do YOU have a fan-favorite artist? How about "best collectable card game that's not Magic: The Gathering? ), but its worth checking out (and of course I'm curious about where the Book of Erotic Fantasy shows up in the final count - like I said, A lads mag for geeks).

More later,