Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Blog Goes Ever On and On

One of the challenges of working with a living document like a web page or an online journal is that things change over time. In particular, links that were valid when you made the latest template become old and busted. And eventually you have to do an overhaul. So the tweaks to the list on the right are reflective of that.

There is no more Alliterate News Blog. We put it together as a patch while the main Alliterates site was under repair, but now that the Allits are back in business, it was redundant, and, worse yet, not being updated. There's nothing nastier than having a updatable site where the last entry is from a month or so back.

Miranda, also known as Lady Gumdrop has started her own blog, and I am swapping her old site out for this. Similarly, my gracious poker hosts Phil and Kaja are both doing the online journal thing, and I'm putting their links in as well (if you're a Girl Genius fan, you get get to that site through theirs). Kaja, being mentally young and spry, has taken to the journal format and reports regularly. Phil, evoking the technological spirit that made the Amish famous, is less chatty.

Go check them out.

More later,