Friday, August 05, 2005

Boots on the Ground

With my recent absences, I hope you've been taking advantage of cruising the linkage on the right-hand side of the site. They're friends, whose entries vary from regular updates to lunar rotations, and whose contents vary from detailed and accessible to explicable only to close friends and relations. However, two of them in the past day have touched on the Real War and deserve promotion here.

Mystical Forest has a friend who is part of a sniper team in Mosul, and checks in regularly, reporting on the good stuff (our guys grok the whole "hearts and minds" thing) and the bad stuff (the rear echelon doesn't). Go read it.

Nikchik, on the other hand, covers the commute from the home front. Go read this as well.

In other news, our Commander-in-Chief has started a five-week vacation. I can think of a few others who could use the break.

More later (And I mean it. Really),