Sunday, September 07, 2008

Astrologers, Theater, Gwen

For a supposedly sedentary blogger, I do altogether too much moving around. I mean, the day job is writing and the after-school job is writing - how can I be that active? But I seem to have stuff going on daily that keeps me from just sitting on my back deck with an fruit-flavored alcoholic beverage, and while that is not bad at all, it just seems to be my lot in life.

Yesterday the Lovely Bride and I had theater tickets up at the INTIMAN, up at the Seattle Center north of town. She also had Tai Chi class in the International district. Drawing lines and making schedules resulted in me going with her, so we could keep going north to the play.

I dropped her off and went to the coffee shop beneath the Elliot Bay Bookstore near Pioneer square. Large area, relatively quiet that early in the morning. I'm reading Crucible of War by Fred Anderson for about a half hour, when the regular Astrology Club comes in and settles at the table next to me. They talk at length about how the opposition of Saturn and Uranus makes the coming election dire, then segue into discussing the housing market.

Pick up the lovely bride and head to Racha up near Seattle Center for a Thai appetizer lunch. Tried Panda Beer, a strange concoction darker than Guiness but with a lighter taste. Then a walk around the fountain, watching families and small children splashing in the central fountain. Beautiful day.

The INTIMAN was doing "The Little Dog Laughed", which was excellent and I should write about it at length. Short form - it was very, very good, and I would recommend it since it wraps up this week.

Back to the house and then south, now, to GwenCon, a yearly gaming event hosted by friends Andy and Gwen. Only did a small bit of gaming, but did a lot of chatting with and schmoozing with friends that I have not seen in forever.

And then everything caught up with me, and I made my goodbyes. I didn't realize how wiped out I was until I drove past my own street on the way home and had to double back. And even now I'm a little worn around the edges, and am planning on doing nothing more than settling into a general position of collapse.

OK, and maybe some writing. In the meantime, I blame the Panda Beer.

More later,