Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DOW Breaks 8,000!

OK, things are dire right now, as we all watch the values our diminishing 401k's, but the media seems to be slipping easily between denial ("Just a rough patch, folks!") to despair ("Ohmighod! We're all going to die!") with nary a breath in between. Mind you, part of it may be that that we have gone from "economic softening" (Mattel sheds 1000 jobs) and "fullblown recession" (the Seattle Times newsroom starts losing staff (Oh, including their political cartoonist, which finalizes the uselessness of the editorial page)).

And somehow in all this mess, there is a growing meme that this is somehow the new guy's fault. Mind you, the first 5500 points of DOW drop under the current administration is somehow a "gimme" and this last 500 points is the fault of the guy we just hired. Never mind that we're two months away from his start date.

I can understand this thinking. I, for one, am disappointed I have yet to receive my flying car. And every morning, I stand in my driveway, waiting for it. And yet, despite my hopes and dreams, it never comes. Perhaps it stopped to pick up my recovered 401k on the way over.

Where's my instant gratification, gosh darn it?

More later,