Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top Ten List

Beating the Late Show to it.

From the Home Office on Grubbstreet, here are the Top Ten things you're hearing Seattle natives talk about today (feel free to use a Letterman Voice to read this).

Number 10: Convergence Zone
Number 9: Microclimates. (Micro-climates. Micro Cli-mates).
Number 8: No, I'm sure a bus will be along at any moment, now.
Number 7: So, how do you put these chains ON?
Number 6: So, how do you get these chains OFF?
Number 5: OK, we're going to have a big snowstorm on Wednesday AND the Internet will be down? (Because, you know, Paul, Wiki and other sites are closing down to protest SOPA. SO-PA. Sounds like a Mexician desert treat).
Number 4: Meteorological cage match -  Cliff Mass vs. Al Roker.
Number 3: Wait, wait, we have a Pro Football team?
Number 2: No, I'm sure a snow plow will be along any moment now.

And the number one thing you're hearing Seattle natives talk about today:


(Thank you Seattle Times, for adding a new word to the Seattle repertoire. As if we needed one more word to describe the weather).

More later,