Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Past, Present, Future

You know, it's been a long time since I've mentioned my Star Wars novel, Scourge, on this blog. Have you missed it? I know I have.

In any event, Star Wars-Union has just released an interview they did with me, in German and English, talking about Scourge (released in Germany as Die Gei├čel), RPG influences, and the elevator pitch for the unlikely-to-be-published Autobiography of Jar Jar Binks

Plus, on Saturday, October 5th, I will be at the University Bookstore for Star Wars Reads day, with Gus Lopez and stormtroopers. (Yes, stormtroopers!)

And as a bonus, bouncing around the Internets this morning is a link to an ancient site where the writer visited TSR in Lake Geneva, and I did the tour and had lunch with him. This is the Internet version of your old high school photos turning up (I am there, without a beard, much thinner and younger, and wearing a tie (a thin, white, leather tie, but a tie nonetheless)!

None of this should push down on my the page the fact I will be leaving for Grand Rapids tomorrow for GrandCon, and looking forward to playing games and kicking back for a few days.

More later,