Monday, June 02, 2014

Jay Lake - 1964-2014

As reported elsewhere on the web, Jay Lake has passed on, after a long bout with cancer. I had met him a handful of times over the years, usually at conventions, but my heart goes out to those close friends and family who are confronted with his passing.

I enjoyed Jay's work primarily as a fan, including the extremely dark fantasy Trial of Flowers, rich I recommend to those who feel that the fantasy genre has become to staid and traditional. Jay Lake's blog was a regular feature on the list to the right, here. Jay was a relentless blogger, posting both original material and link salads which aggregated other news with a precision that Facebook could only hope for. During his battle with cancer, he was unafraid in continually reporting on the fight, getting down into the details of both disease and attempted treatments. I will miss both his on-line presence and his continued work.

To those who knew Jay well, my heartfelt sympathies in the days ahead.

More later,