Thursday, August 06, 2020

The Political Desk: Primary Results

I usually wait a couple days before posting the results, because of the nature of our mail-in system. Late ballots can turn the tide in close races. With the first vote count Tuesday evening, about 32% of registered voters have weighed in. Probably we will get to 40%, but that's still low for such an easy process. Yes, I'm going to nag.

Speaking of nagging have you done your census form yet? You can do it over the net. You can do it over the phone. You can do it with a friendly census person who comes to your door. Yes, it is even easier than voting.

Anyway, here's where we stand for the November Election. Candidate with the most votes first. Stuff recommended from this blog in bold. Percentages are provided, but do not add up to 100% because of other candidates. Your mileage may vary. Void where prohibited by laws which may have changed since I started this paragraph.

Spoilers: Incumbents and those who prefer the Democratic Party did well. Here are the numbers as of Tuesday Night:

US Representative District 9: Adam Smith (73%!) vs. Doug Basler (16%)

Governor: Jay Inslee (51%) versus Sheriff Loren Culp (17%). Note: One of the "Sensible Conservative" commentators declared that if Inslee got under 45%, he was vulnerable. Does not look like it at the moment.

Lt.Governor: Denny Heck (27%) vs. Marko Liias (17%)

Attorney General: Bob Ferguson (54%) vs. Matt Larkin (41%)

Secretary of State: Kim Wyman (51%) vs. Gael Tarleton (44%)

State Treasurer: Mike Pellicciotti (54%) vs. Duane A. Davidson (46%)

State Auditor: Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (48%) vs. Chris Leyba (41%)

Commissioner of Public Lands: Hilary Franz (51%) vs. Sue Kuehl Pederson (23%)

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Chris Reykdal (40%) vs. Maia Espinoza (24%)

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreider (60%) vs. Chirayu Avinash Patel (28%)

State Legislative District Number 11 Senator: Bob Hasegawa (94%)

State Legislative District Number 11 Representative District 1: David Hackney (42%) vs. Zack Hudgins (36%

State Legislative District Number 11 Representative District 2:  Steve Bergquist (70%) vs, Sean Atchison (29%)

And that is it for the Primary Round of the 2020 Elections, Washington State. We go into slumber now until October.

In the mean time, have you responded to the Census? 'Cause they got a late start and got a month chopped off their deadline.

More later,