Monday, September 29, 2003

Life and Times

And sometimes life just doesn't work out.

When I first came out to Seattle, I was invited to join a small writer's group known as the Thousand Monkeys. About eight people, ranging from battle-hardened writing veterans to aspiring newcomers, all gathered in Cap Hill at the apartment of Kij and Chris. Said pair has decamped to the Great Plains since then, and the rest of us sort of ambled on, getting together once in a blue moon.

So I put out an invite for this evening. Tried to put the band back together. We had some who couldn't make it, and as meeting time approached, it was increasingly clear that those that were going to come weren't going to have anything ready for review (life gets in the way - I'm guilty of that myself). So after loosing a couple more, I ended up calling it off until we had amassed some work to discuss. Which was just as well, because I came home exhausted and stuffy-headed (Change in weather as a marine trough moved inland), so I ended up camping out in front of the Monday Football with BLTs and chocolate ice cream.

It could be worse - I could be a Bears fan (they got clobbered and clobbered badly, and are now 0-4).

And in any event, its not been that bad an evening at all. I got a copy of The Repentant from Technobooks in the mail, a horror anthology which leads with a story I wrote. The story is called "Lycanthrope Summer" and its my "Lake Geneva Werewolf" story. Reading it over reminded me how much I had enjoyed that one, and maybe I'll get my act in gear to start real writing again.

More later,