Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Song Lyrics

People always put poetry and songs on their blogs, even though the best that songs can do is trip the memory of the original song for those people who have heard the song, and remain a mystery to others - thereby being both simultaneously inscrutable and mundane.

Anyway, here's one from me - it could be a song about blogging, but there were no blogs when it was written, back in the 90s.

Really meant to read that book one day, yeah/
Always planned to travel far/
I realy meant to stay in touch with you, yeah/
I really meant to do the things I really meant to do

Oh hye, I can hear you saying "stop talking, its late in the day"/
Please don't think I'm delaying/
If you could only see/
All the things I meant to be/

- The Affordable Floors "All things I meant to be"

More later,