Saturday, August 14, 2004

A Year in the Life

So the first post for Grubb Street was made on 14 August, 2003. Its been a year. In that time, I've made 282 entries, averaging about 5 posts a week, for almost 110,000 words.

110,000 words. That's longer than your standard Fantasy Adventure Novel (though not quite as many as such door-stops as The Brothers' War. That's an amazing number, when you stop to consider how hard it is to write when you have a particular subject and a set deadline.

Its been an interesting year. A year ago I was working for an up-and-coming game company. Now I'm working for an even-smaller up-and-coming web design company. I've written a couple or three short stories, had published a number of game supplements, dinked around with some novels (some concepts that worked, others did not) and learned more about flash animation and information architecture than I thought I could.

In general, I'm pretty happy with both the direction of my life and the direction of this online journal. My life is pretty good (I spent the day completely crashing after a tough week). And the blog has pretty much reached out to its target audience, which is a) friends who are out of town seeking news, b) friends who are in town seeking amusement, and c) total strangers who found this site from the Google search 'Jesus Windshield Ninjas". We also a d) a few fans have found the place, and are more than welcome.

Going through the old stuff, I haven't found a lot that I was embarrassed by (well, except for the typos that pop up regularly). I'm pretty comfortable with talking about local politics. I make no bones about where I stand on the national scene. The reviews seem to hold up pretty well. There are rare flashes of brilliance and/or originality. I have tended to shy away from "Questions of the Week" and "What Marsupial Are You?" fillers of late, but they will still be around from time to time. And I only seem to get really snarky when I do poetry (hey, who knew?).

All in all, its been a fun trip. I think I'll hang out for another year.

More later,