Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Jeff Recommends: Here come de Judge

Gods, this has gone on FOREVER, hasn’t it? This is price you pay for a Democracy. Or a Republic. Or whatever we have these days. Finally, the Judge Positions. I know, after slogging your way through the rest of the ballot, these seem like a coin-flip. But, like everything else this screwy year, there are differences.

State Supreme Court, Position 1 - Mary Kay Becker. She has 10 years experience as a Judge. Her opponent has spent more time in the Supreme Court chambers, but all of it as a lawyer, some of it on behalf of Tim Eyeman’s wrong-headed initiatives. He also has been advertising heavily on [wink] talk radio and speaking out against [wink] activist judges for the [wink] non-partisan position. He’s been covering these tracks pretty well, so there’s a good chance that he’ll get in, showing that we’re [wink] morons.

State Supreme Court Position 6 – Activism cuts both ways. While Richard Saunders has a couple publicly-held positions I agree with (he’s hot on first-amendment rights and bringing government documents to the light of day), there are others that are less palatable to me (environment). Thanks for sharing, but judges are supposed to judge impartially. Go for Terry Sebring

King County Superior Court Position 23 – Here’s where the top two system works out – non-partisan positions where the candidates are truly non-partisan. They’re both good, a sign of what happens when the system works. Andrea Darvas over Julia Garratt.

King County Superior Court Position 42 – Another good pair of choices – I’ll go with Chris Washington over Catherine Moore, but to be honest, I like them both, And that’s the type of choice I want to be making in this democracy.

Finally, if you see only one name for a position on the ballot for Judges, that means they got 50%+ in the primary and are therefore running unapposed.

More later, but no more endorsements.