Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Fate of the Big Box

So, the nominations for the Origins Awards have been announced, and my fellow judges revealed (look at the bottom of this page). And I have to say I was generally pleased with the results in that as a disparate group we were pretty much in agreement. The only regret is that every judge had some cool “Small Press” project in their top five, but we all favored different “cool projects”, so none of them made the final list.

But what of the Big Box of Games? What was its fate?

Well, even after taking out the stuff I would use/keep, it still was pretty prodigious. So I brought it into the WotC offices and gave the people that had earlier helped me scout down copies the first crack at it. The rest went to the WotC gaming library for future use.

I’d like to thank the various companies that submitted products for review, and reassure them that their stuff got a good home (as opposed to showing up on, say, E-Bay).

More later,