Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"Mr. Rockford? This is Filler."

I tend to taunt my fellow corporate creatives/bloggers when they are swallowed by their jobs and don't post, but it is my turn in the hopper. Several things have erupted all at once like a nest of Alien eggs, and lest I want my face grappled, I have to turn my attention elsewhere. However, in the meantime, have some TV Trivia links.

Want a full list of everything Bart has written on the chalkboard at the start of the Simpsons, go here. Couch gags in the opening sequence? Go here

That dense block of text at the end of Dharma & Greg episodes? Go here.

And all the messages left on Rockford's answering machine (back in the day when answering machines were new and cool)? Go here.

I'll give you original content when I'm good and ready, by gum.

More later,