Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Week That Was

Well, that was fun.

The short version - a work project that had been back-burnered became front-burnered, and while I already had most of the resources in place to turn it around quickly, it still required a shuffling of schedules and a few twelve-hour days. My creative contribution is wrapped, and now comes the most frustrating part - leaning over my programmer's shoulder and saying "Is it done yet?"

This has all left me tired and little cranky. Of course, having a steamroller parked in your front yard could make anyone a bit out of sorts. Yes, we're being thwacked with the development stick again, as the county is widening the road on our side, laying in culverts, filling the ditches, and laying asphalt overtop for a kinda-sidewalk. At the moment, its a lot of disruption, irritation, and a reminder that I've gained about 60 new neighbors down the street, with three more big farms now sprouting development signs and soon to be converted to high-density suburbia. Most of the neighbors remember when our hunk of road was a backwater - now its becoming a main drag in the morning and evening hours. Even the UPS guy is frustrated that there is too much traffic to park so he can make deliveries.

The Lovely Bride is in Second Tax Rush. The First Tax Rush occurs in January, where everyone who keeps records and is expecting a refund comes flooding in. Then things subside (a touch), and now comes Second Rush, when everyone who doesn't keep records and worried they have to pay shows up. We'll pause now for several of our readers to smack their foreheads and say "Oh, yeah, I have to do that".

Freelance writing has been interesting - I've signed on for some worldbuilding for WotC and may do another short story online for them. At the moment I'm parked in my office, seeing that the weeklong rain has subsided, and realized that now would be the best time to go after the dandelions in the back yard (most of the ones in the front have been taken care of by construction equipment).

More later,