Thursday, April 14, 2005

What I Do For A Living

Every now and again I mention in this space that I'm up to something at the office, but I can't talk about it yet. But now things are starting to break loose and show up in the real world.

The big project from the previous year has been Attacktix, a battle figure game with figures based on the upcoming Star Wars movie. I did the special powers and the initial rules, as well as the bulk of the text for the CD-ROM that is in the Starter set, parts of which show up on the web site (The web site, by the way, was created by True North, the company I work for - and in this case, mostly by Bob and Richard (Hi guys!)).

Back to Attacktix. You can find a bunch of initial reviews here. Much to my surprise, the Attacktix game already has its own blog, but who doesn't, these days?

Also on the "recently-released" front is a new online minigame for the Xevoz toy line. It's called Xevoz Challenge, and it was produced in conjunction with Martini Design. A nice little run-and-shoot game. Check it out.

And yes, I'm working on more stuff, but . . . I can't talk about it at the moment.

More later,