Monday, June 27, 2005

While I Was Out

So I've spent the past few days trying to catch up, not only on work that was put aside during my Jersey sojourn, but also on the news of the day. Let's see - Stock market dropped about 200 points, Oil prices are up, We're still at war, We're still avoiding talking about how we "fixed" the data to get into the war, A leading Republican accused everyone who disagrees with him of being traitors. Christine Gregoire is still governor. So I didn't miss much.

And then there is this. One of the local alt weeklies is running its annual "best of" contests. And its a host of questions that will do nothing else but convince you that your life isn't really as interesting as you would want to it be (what's the Best Dance Club? Adult Movie Rental Joint? Washington State Red Wine?).

However, entry 9 is "Best Local Blog". And so, I'm thinking. I'm local, and this is a blog. In fact, I may be too local, talking about road widenings and trees coming down in the backyard, but be that as it may, I would qualify. And while my own little vanity vote isn't going to get me anywhere, if I rally the teaming masses (both of them) who read this site, then we may have a movement going on here. So let's freep this catagory - go vote for Grubb Street ( Right now.

I know what you're thinking - there are other local blogs more deserving of this honor, and if I give you a moment, you'll think of one. And you're probably right, but they aren't huxtering for your vote, eh? And since a lot of the readers of this journal have their own journals, what's to keep them from voting for themselves? Nothing, but just remember I asked you first.

This, of course, is the danger of democracy - they let just anyone in. North of the Border, the CBC ran a show called "The Greatest Canadian" (no, it's not a contradiction in terms), with an open, popular vote, and some DJ in Winnipeg decided to campaign for himself. He made it to # 41 or so (I think he beat out Bill Shatner and Margaret Atwood, but I'm not sure). The CBC could have made a decision to exclude him, but instead gave him the placing, patted him on the head for his audacity, and went on with the countdown. So I'm sure that should Grubb Street win, the local weekly would be delighted to share that information with Seattle at large. And, by the way, if you're looking for "Best Steak House" I would recommend the Melrose Grill in Renton.

Adult Movie Rentals? You're on your own.

More later,