Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Brief (?) Update

So my weekends are starting to involve more work than my weekdays, or rather just as much, smooshed into a two-day frame. So this is brief and entirely Dvyil-oriented. (You know the drill - the write-up is here)

The news continues to spread: We got a mention from Mo of Space and Death, which in turn spread to Gamer Chicks, Chicks with Dice, and Toronto Gamers (Good Evening, Toronto! Are you Ready to Rock?!). We also got a mention on the Rpg Showcase podcast out of Wyoming. And Steve Miller started a thread on Monte Cook's board.

The hobby game industry continues to respond to the devastation of Katrina. Jason Mical has contributed both his work and his marketing skills to the charity Beyond the Storm project. And game industry founder Dave Arneson has put together a charity raffle for Hurricane relief at his local store and is willing to make himself available to help other efforts.

Yes, I know, the primary is coming up Tuesday, but I'm a little busy this week for well-researched, thoughtful endorsements. I'll make recommendation if I can, but I will point out that others, such as Shelly in Seattle, are already on the beat for their districts. Shelly also has some good general advice on endorsements in general as well.

More later,