Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dyvil in the Details

Are we going to be subjected to a plethora of "Dyvil" puns for the next month? It's very possible. What is going to happen is that I'm going to continue to link to the original announcement so people who come to the site can get the nitty-gritty without the reviews, reflections, and rants getting in the way.

The news is still spreading - RPG Blog gave us a shout-out, and Jon of Nothing Good Can Come of This . . . put in a plug. We also got a couple mentions in the message section of RPG.net, which also has a thread on other contributions from the hobby game industry. We're already at the stage where more people have asked for the game than I thought actually ever read this site.

Briefly, I in turn want to do a shout-out to our local paper, the Seattle Times. The organized media takes a hammering for not being as light and nimble as the web, but they have the chops to inform and instruct. In particular, they did a mighty fine job on personal disaster preparation this past weekend, and if you're in our neighborhood (and even if you're not), you should pay attention.

They also asked the question that was on my mind: We just saw the re-assignment, followed by the resignation, of the Director of FEMA, who had a spotty resume and deeply political ties. The Times went looking to see if anyone matching this description was operating locally, and found one, in the form of our own local FEMA honcho. Though according to the rival P-I, he's not a bad sort at all, and he has been studying.

I feel so much safer. You, on the other hand, may want to find out who's in your chain of command.

Oh, and on the Dyvil puns - it could be worse, I could be playing Hanson in this space until you pay me to stop.


More later.