Friday, June 29, 2007

Out of the Office

I very rarely talk about work and the people AT work, but this one it TOO GOOD to pass up.

So its the stuff of a bad sitcom - you call in sick, go to the ball game instead, you catch a home-run ball in the stands and your picture is on the front page of the local newspaper. Then you spend the next day trying to hide copies of the paper from your boss.

And sometimes the situation is reversed. Here's a picture of the line outside the Apple Store up in the U-District of people camped out for the new Iphones, from the front page of the Seattle Times site.


The guy in the center, in the green shirt, is one of my bosses, Jeff Strain, who is currently on paternity leave. I will note that he IS working on a laptop, probably has WiFi, and even as this picture is snapped was reconfiguring our Wiki.

(But I am going to be in SUCH trouble for this).

Update: Bonus! Then they give Jeff the lead quote in the article from the OTHER daily paper in town (Heheheh).