Monday, July 09, 2007

The Funny Pixels

So as opposed to a new entry, I updated the Blogroll on the right, making sure that the links were still current, upgrading some Alliterates, and most importantly, adding more comic strips and art:

My Elves Are Different (also known as MEAD) is deeply a deeply "inside the beltway" strip on science fiction and fantasy in general. It was the start of the entire Zombie Apocalypse thing. Best moment? Zombie Tolkien.

Sinfest is happy, perky, morally interesting and generally Not Safe For Work. But once you let Penny Arcade in the door, anything is fair game. It deals with religion, sin, redemption, and getting lucky.

And lastly, the mighty Stan! is doing his Doodle-A-Day. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

And on a more literate side, we have Sacnoth's Scriptorium, hosted by John Rateliff, Tolkien Scholar and general good egg.

Have fun. More later,

UPDATE: OK, one more - Diesel Sweeties is an odd one. It has a paper-based incarnation, as well as a web-version. The web-version is a lot more ... mature ... in nature, and as such, is funnier.