Monday, July 23, 2007


So, it was a very quiet weekend at Grubb Street, mainly because the latest and last Harry Potter book arrived Saturday morning, and with the exception of her Saturday afternoon gaming group, the Lovely Bride was face-down in the text for the bulk of the weekend.

Which made things quiet. Creepy quiet. I sat on the back porch, reading. I worked on finishing projects (An essay in galleys, in-game text for The Settlers, a proposed article). I watched TV, which I rarely do. That included a marathon for "Who Will Be The Next Food Network Star?" (Don't care much for reality shows, but add cooking and I am SO there) and a TBSed version of "Sin City" (Note: Frank Miller no longer writes comic books - he just publishes his storyboards). But it was weirdly, strangely quiet in the household.

Mind you, I have not read any of the books, though I have been following along in the movies, and the LB has kept me up to date with the status and the "deep geek" moments (I tell her about the O'Brian novels, so it's a fair trade). But this weekend I have been avoiding a lot of the Internet, just to avoid everyone who was issuing spoilers, or even non-spoiler spoilers ("Well, it ended the way I expected it to" IS a spoiler if you've previously offered your opinions).

It ends a twelve year run for the series, and I am buckling down for the inevitable "Now that HP is gone, the book business will crash" (Like it's been in raring good health so far) and the inevitable search for the Next Young Adult Novel Star.

Hmmm - maybe they could do a reality show on that ....

More later,