Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Long Commute

OK, I'm exhausted.

My morning commute was to LA yesterday. Up at six, to the airport, on the ground in LA by 11, hellish cab ride up the 405 to Valley Village, recording session for an upcoming Guild Wars project, then return and back home by nine. It's been a long day.

The taping session went real well, and though it part of the reason for my exhaustion. A lot of writing, rewriting, and concentration went into this, and after the session was in the can. I was working with Fred Tatasciore,who did the voice of Ogden in GW:EN (and to my surprise when I just checked out his recent credits - Fewmaster Toede in the new DL movie). He did a marvelous job, but after we were done, I was just wiped out.

The original plan was to wrap early and get to the Getty Museum, something I had planned to do every time I got to LA. But the cab was late and the skies clouded up and rained and traffic was horribly slow so I bailed on that plan, went to the airport, and caught an earlier flight home. Still, had a long conversation with my Iranian cab driver/scriptwriter about the short film he's working on.

(Oh, and for my fans in Homeland Security, I was reading Spook Country by Bill Gibson. The guy next to me was reading Wild Swans, but the guy on the end of my row had a copy of Harry Potter and Overthrow of the Evil Corporate Fascists. You might want to keep an eye on him).

It was a good experience, all in all, but I've gone 3600 miles before the day is done.

More later,