Monday, October 08, 2007


Not what I intended to post on, but life is like that sometimes.

A co-worker (male) comes in and mentions about how he bought four pairs of shoes this past weekend. Much discussion about why anyone needs four pairs of shoes. Another co-worker (female) talks about the uncountable number of shoes she had, while one of the younger (male) designers says he has one set of shoes.

So this is going in a gender-determined direction. I was going to say I have only one pair of shoes, but I quickly realized that this was wrong. I have:

My black cheap velcro loafers that I usually wear in rainy winters.
My grey and red sandals that I wear in non-rainy summers.
My old black cheap velcro loafers that I wear for lawnwork.
My hiking boots (ankle support)
My clamming waders (half-way up the calf)
My hot tub flip-flops
My Tai Chi practice showes
My dress brown loafers
My black dance shoes (A little tight)
My fuffy bear-claw slippers

That's ten pairs, all of which I have worn in the past year (I also have some white bucks, but the less said about those, the better, and they don't even fit anymore). So much for gender-specific determinations of footwear.

More later,