Friday, July 30, 2010

Commercial Interruption

So, of course, having set an open course for the seas of local politics, I have to double back mention a few other things going on in the world. This is the problem when you're not running a blog dedicated to a single goal. Let me plug a few of my friends:

First off, I should mention that Alliterate Dave Gross has a novel out as well - Prince of Wolves, set in the world of Pathfinder.

Second off, I should mention that Alliterate Lorelli Shannon has put her self-published and very excellent novel, Possum Kingdom, out on the Kindle. We have moved to the next level of self-publishing (but Amazon doesn't have the link from her dead tree edition to her Kindle version - get with the program, Amazon!).

Thirdly and finally off, I have an article on "My First GenCon" over at Wolf Baur's Kobold Quarterly, which has been allowing all us old grogs to wallow in our memories of the past. As a bonus, the article features the now-legendary "Jeff as Galactus" picture, suitable for photoshopping.

Back to politics later. Really.

More later,

(OK, one more - Pictures from an Exhibition: ArenaNet at SDCC, including a great shot of the back of my head)