Saturday, July 24, 2010

San Diego - Day 3

"You look a little tired".

Three different people said that to me today, which makes me a little nervous, as if I am losing my edge before even the third day of the convention is through. But it was a good third day, with three interviews (Massively, MMOSite, and PCGamer), a successful book signing (three books left, which were snurtched up by the staff), and a panel discussion that needed to be longer and in a bigger room.

I also had enough downtime to attend a panel on cartoon voiceover laden with heavyweight talent, including Gregg Berger and Fred Tatisciore, who are part of the GW2 team. Also ran into Neil Kaplan, another of our voices, in the hall (I was wearing a GW2 cap and therefore easily identifiable). I am reminded again that we have very, very good voice talent at our disposal.

After the panel, late in the day, the staff adjourned to Tabule, in the Gaslamp district. San Diego's Gaslamp district is what Seattle's Belltown wants to be when it grows up - a lot of venues, sidewalk dining, and very good food. Also a lot of people watching, since San Diego's mild temperatures make it the native habitation of the little black dress, and the women who wear them. Also: a of stylish zombies.

I was also surprised to finally run into old friends Warren and Caroline, who I was seeking out throughout the weekend - I knew only of one of Warren's panels, and it not overlapped my own panel but it was completely sold out. It made for a wonderful closed parenthesis on a collection of days that started with running into Maggie Thompson (The good and glorious).

We have a noonish flight tomorrow, so it is unlikely I will return to the floor. It has been a great convention for me, and for Guild Wars as well. I'll probably have a few more thoughts about it later, but for the moment, it is time to collapse.

More later,