Thursday, March 08, 2012

Meanwhile, in Tyria

My co-author on Ghosts of Ascalon, Matt Forbeck, is currently involved in the non-GW2 activity of doing twelve books in twelve months. His second trilogy, a fantasy noir called Shotguns and Sorcery, is now on kickstarter. Worth checking out.

Also, I've done another interview with Wartower, this time on the nature of the Asura. Check out the podcast. And as before, the framing material is in German, but my stuff is in English.

And finally, last week out championship ping-pong team has beaten the Penny Arcade team in a slaughter (well, 5-4). Side bets were made, though the nature of these wagers as yet unrevealed.

Your worst nightmare - ArenaNet employees with paddles!
More later,