Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Political Desk: Legislature

Ah, the state legislature. Rivaling the Port Authority recently for and shenanigans, malarky, and entertainment value. Sadly I'm not in the market for entertainment value. I'd like a heaping helping of actual government, please. The Senate is in the hands of a thin GOP coalition, while the House is on a thinner Democratic majority. And they've been stumped for the past couple years for things like how to adequately fund our schools.

And while we have some sane responsible types on the Republican side (shout out to Joe Fain, who will eventually be the first Republican Governor in decades in Washington State), we have the standard collection of wincible moments from the GOP side. Like the Representative who decided it was a good idea to publicly ask teenagers if they were virgins in front of their peers and parents. Like the Representative who kinda exaggerated his service in the military (Mind you, he served, but let his war stories get away from him). Like the Senate Leader who has anger management issues, has made it clear that she is pay-to-play, and is being investigated by the FBI. Now, an investigation is not an indictment is not a conviction, but Ms. Roach's approach to leadership would bring a tear to a Chicago ward heeler's eye.

So what can I do about this? Not a bloody thing. Hence the discontent. Because I'm in a safe democratic district, the 11th, which stretches from my neck of the woods up I-5 to Georgetown. Because my needs as a voter coincide with those of the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field. We have three good effective Democrats in the eleventh who obey my first commandment of politics: They don't embarrass us. Bob Hasegawa is running against a Libertarian. Zach Hudgins is running against a Republican. Steven Berquist is running against Clint Eastwood's empty chair (which had been invited to the Republican National Convention, but begged off because it needed to be revarnished). All of these races will be run again in November.

So let me seethe. We really could stand a return to Democrats, and effective Democrats (yes, there's a difference). But short of recommending you vote out YOUR Republicans, there is little I can do here, other than to give them a good hard look, and consider the options. (Except for Joe Fain - he's actually been pretty damned effective).

(grumble grumble)

More later,