Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Poltical Desk - Insurance Commissioner

Finally, I am seeing the light at the end of the State Executive Tunnel. I mean, we run the ENTIRE top tier for re-election every four years. Here's the Insurance Commissioner, which is a short one. As always, I favor the Bold one.

Mike Kreidler, Democrat, it the incumbent. His Voter's Pamphlet writeup points out what he's done in the past four years - saved consumer money, recovered cash on wrongly denied coverage, touts his independence. Yadda yadda. Short form: He's done the job well. Interesting that most of the Democrats I encounter talk about how they're independent, and most of the Republican about the need for working with Democrats. I'm going with Kreidler.

Justin Murta is the Libertarian candidate, and surprisingly has not help any previous positions as a Republican. Concerned that ACA sends people to Social Security sooner, stressing that system. Like market choices. Hates tort law. Not my pipe of tea, but glad to disagree on the issues.

Richard Schrock, Republican, tosses a few bombs at the current administration. He talks about how Seattle Children's filed suit in 2013 to get coverage by insurance plans (not noted is that several insurance plans said "sure" in 2014 and things were sorted out). Also darkly refers to a whistleblower revealing scandalous conduct in the OIC in 2014, of which I can't find anything based on those limited clues. Going to Schrock's website to find out more takes me to a GoDaddy page that tells me the site is available for rent. The sad thing is, despite the lack of effort, Mr. Schrock will likely go on to the general and Mr. Murta will not.

Well, that's out of the way. Now to kick back and... what? I still have the Legislature to do? And Judges?

Well, crud.

More later,