Friday, October 28, 2016

The Political Desk: US Representative, District 9

This is a short one, but not all of them are going to be deep.

The reconstituted 9th has been well-served by Adam Smith and should continue to do so. He does have both experience and incumbency on his side. He's the top Dem on the Armed Services Committee, despite the fact the the re-orged district no longer reaches down past Tacoma into Joint-Base Lewis-McChord. He's done a good job and should keep doing it. Both the Stranger and the Times agree (though the Stranger, lost in a drug-induced time zone, still seems to think he's running against Jesse Wineberry).

His opponent, Doug Basler, is among other things a conservative talk-show host with a web site that takes its inspiration from the Hunger Games (yeah, I didn't get that at first, either - the Huffington Post had to point it out). He's also one of the few GOP candidates in Washington State that is supporting the Republican Presidential choice. so there's that. Here's the notes from a forum involving the two.

So, yeah, Adam Smith.

More later,