Saturday, June 26, 2004

More Alliterate News

The Origins Awards for Gaming were given out last night in Columbus, and a few of my writing group walked away with some statuettes.

Steve Sullivan ("Sully") took the Fiction award for Podo and the Magic Shield, which was published on the WizKids Web Site. 'Grats as well to Wizkids Webmaster Kevin Goddard, who fought for fiction on the site.

Matt Forbeck's Redhurst Academy of Magic took both best RPG Supplement and Book Design awards. Both are deserving, the but the latter in particular - the layout and presentation of the book was unlike anything else that year.

And Indy HeroClix took Game of the Year. I had a small co-design on this one, but the lion's share of the work was from Jon Leitheusser of Nothing Good (and I'm not saying nice things about him because he still owes me a Galactus :) )

In non-Alliterate news, co-writer and co-designer Ed Greenwood was admitted into the Gaming Hall of Fame. That reduces by one my list of people I think still need to be recognized (How about some love for Mike Pondsmith, now?). Make that "reduces my list by two", since Larry Bond was also put in. I don't know Larry at all, except that he is the designer of Harpoon Naval Miniatures and was instrumental in Tom Clancy's Hunt for the Red October, but he's been nominated for years and its finally a good thing that he's been in.

Whew. We really need to get the Alliterates Web Site back up.

More later,