Sunday, June 13, 2004


Yep, its back.

After careful consideration and listening to those that wrote in, I'm going back to the old template (which I wisely saved). While I liked the mature feel of the parchment background, I was irritated that the Profile section had a large zit of a typo in it that could not be removed (I chatted with the creator of the template, and he said it was a result of how they made the profiles). But the piece that made my decision was the fact that a number of readers use this page as a home page for reading other blogs, and the new version lacked a links section and header. So I'm back to the old template, and will be dinking around with it in the next week, taking the stuff that I liked from the new template and incorporating it.

In other news, I have gotten over the mild headaches from City of Heroes (I've gotten brain calluses), and have been playing way too much of it as a result.

More later,