Monday, June 28, 2004

Sunshine and Exhaustion

You know how people complain about how they get depressed in the winter with the short days? I think I've got the opposite of that. Summers here have always been tough on me.

No, seriously, I've been exhausted for the past four days or so. After a long week I crashed hard on Friday and haven't quite gotten back on the beam yet. Part of it is that dawn breaks very, very early up here, and sunset comes very, very late. Its not quite Alaska, but as we round Solstice, we're looking at less that eight hours of darkness. And when we have clear weather (and its been perfect for the past week) it gets worse.

Its very pretty to sit on your back porch and watch the shafts of the westering sun between the trees at, oh, 9:30 at night. And its pleasant to have the sun's morning rays through you window when your house faces north. But the amount of sun makes me more than a little restless, and hence the exhaustion.

The work load has been pretty heavy of late, with a couple major projections rattling home to conclusion. And I have two new projects that I'm trying to get off the ground. And, oh yeah, I'm still playing City of Heroes. But doing everything is just leaving me a bit worn out.

How worn out? I spent the past hour watching election returns. From Canada. That's how worn out.

More later,