Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dyvil (Is that still around?)

The Dyvil requests topped out just shy of 200, so I wrote a check for $200 to the Red Cross (well, the Lovely Bride phoned in the donation, but you get the gist). I’m really impressed with the response, and thank everyone who wrote in for a copy. We’ve got ten days to go (The offer ends on October 15), and if things kick up again, I will be glad to write another check. Well, have the Lovely Bride make another phone call. (For some reason I’m not to be trusted with pens. You know how banks chain their pens up? I’m the reason for that. Yeah, me.).

For those that tuned in late and don’t follow links to the original article, here’s the deal. – Write to Steve Miller at, and he will send you a copy of Dyvil: First Edition (The words "First Edition" is a threat, not a promise). Then I kick in a buck to the Red Cross for Hurricane Relief. That simple. You get at 30-Minute RPG (meaning it took thirty minutes to write, not thirty minutes to play), and I give money. What do you have to lose?

Now, if you prefer more of a “real” gaming/fiction/art product (by, you know, people who thought about it), I will direct you to the Beyond the Storm Project that Jason Mical and other noble worthies have been putting together. This is a REAL purchase, $10.00 pdf (Print on Demand coming), with the proceeds going to Katrina relief.

More later,