Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Leave Your Meme at the Sound of the Tone.

So there's a meme spreading through the blogosphere like bird flu. It is called "Needs". You put your name and and the word needs in the Google search engine ("Jeff needs") and then write down the first fifteen things it comes up with.

Instead, I decided to got with "Jeff Knows". Then I rearranged them into found verse:

Jeff Knows about tapping.
Jeff Knows what to do.
Jeff Knows it isn't for a visit.
Jeff Knows All.

Jeff Knows her.
Jeff Knows Everyone.
Jeff Knows Chris's death still haunts him.
Jeff Knows that we are trying to develop Joey.

Jeff Knows this:
Jeff Knows that.
Jeff Knows he is innocent.
Jeff Knows he is in a trap.

Jeff Knows government is a public business, and the public has a right to know.
Jeff Knows and understands the issues.
Jeff Knows something else that is cool, too.
Jeff Knows All.

I'm thinking it would be something Tom Petty could wrap his throaty voice around.

More later,