Friday, October 14, 2005

Dyvil Take The Hindmost!

OK, here's the last reminder - We're giving away Dyvil; First Edition for the low, low price of FREE! In fact, I'm kicking into the Red Cross a buck for every copy that you take (According to Steve, we're over $200, so I'm going to have to write another check). Yes, it's been a month, and a big chunk of the Gulf Coast is STILL not there and a big chunk of its population is STILL in need of support, so this is your chance to get a simple RPG AND know that somewhere, someone is doing something for the good of humanity.

So write to Steve Miller at and put "Dyvil: First Edition" in the header (Sorry to those readers in Israel and Japan, but Steve reads neither Hebrew or Kanji, but he got the gist of your messages because you used the words in the title bar - Thank you!)

The offer ends tomorrow night (the 15th) at Midnight, Seattle Time. After that, we do the Dyvil: First Edition Deluxe Version (Now with a price tag!) This is your chance - don't be kicking yourself when this sweeps the Origins Awards with its hip sensibilities and indy cred!

More later,