Wednesday, November 18, 2009

King of the Monsters

So the Monkey King has asked me to serve as a judge for the new contest from Kobold Quarterly King of the Monsters, a (you guessed it) monster design contest.

Now normally, I take this sort of thing with a great amount of scholarly stoicism and professionalism, but at the moment, I'm instead viewing it all with a bit of bemusement. You want ME, the guy that helped bring about the MODRONS, to judge monsters? OK, but you know what you're getting yourself into.

And I'm getting this whole Iron Chef America vibe off of this. Fellow judge Scott Gable gets to be Kevin Brauch. Wolf gets the Alton Brown role. And I get to play out my lifelong fantasy as The Chairman, operating from my mountain fastness that is Game Design Stadium. Plus, I get whooshing sound effects when I turn and suddenly look at a document. Cool!

So with an open mind and an overly-active imagination, I say to you in the words of the Great Gygax -

"Allez Gaming!"

More later. Oh yeah, more later.