Monday, August 30, 2010

Blessed are the Cheesemakers

So yesterday, hot on the heels of my aviation triumph, I planned on just crashing. But then I saw a note in the Seattle Times that the American Cheese Society was selling off its leftovers at the Palace Ballroom in Belltown, at five bucks a hunk. Since I was thinking about hitting Pike Place Market that day anyway, I altered my plan, intent on getting some Gruyere.

And it was a zoo - locals and people brought in by the article and a news bit on KOMO. And the wrapped hunks of cheese were on tables and shelves all around the room, with no organization. How would I find Gruyere in this madness?

"Would you like some Gruyere?" said a man in a T-shirt saying "For the Love of Cheese!", who handed me two pounds of Gruyere and recommended I check out the butters as well. I ended up with a Vermont butter with sea salt, a pound of Romano, a pound or Parm (we go through a lot of that), and the aforementioned Gruyere. And with my swag, I retreated from the cheese-inspired madness, and picked up some garlic rosemary bread from the Three Girls bakery, visited a couple game stores, and then and only then crashed and took an afternoon nap.

Eventually my time will be fully shifted back to here.

More later,