Monday, August 02, 2010

The Political Desk: Senator - Bonus Round!

About a month ago, all the blogs were running this "I Write Like" quiz, where you plug is a bunch of text from your blog, it analyzes it, and then tells you who you write like. This was followed by the shocked screams of hundreds of bloggers realizing they wrote like Dan Brown.

It turns out that the quiz was a promotion for a vanity press, and in addition was not a particularly GOOD analytical device, but as I wen through the Voters' Guide, I realized I had a LOT of statements by the candidates and/or their campaigns.


Here are the results - Is it any surprise the H P Lovecraft comes up most often?

H P Lovecraft - Mohammad Said, Paul Aker, James Mercer, Bob Burr, Dino Rossi (huh?), and Charles Allen.

Arthur C. Clarke - Goodspaceguy (well, duh).

Corey Doctrow - Mike the Mover

Kurt Vonnegut - Mike Latimer, Will Baker

Steven King - William Edward Chovil

George Orwell - Clint Didier

Margaret Mitchell - Shalk Leonard

David Foster Wallace - Patty Murray

Make of this as you see fit.

More later,