Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Political Desk: 8th District U.S.Rep - Bonus Round

So for the senatorial candidates I filtered them all through the "I Write Like" Program. I tried the same for the congressional candidates, but ... well ... let's just say that there is a whole lot of Lovecrafting going on around here.

Instead, I decided to feed all their statements into the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, and the results were actually interesting.

The two highest-rated candidates on the list, which would require the greatest reading comprehension, were the two major party candidates, Mr. Reichert and Ms. DelBene, who are aimed at sophomores in college. I'm not making any judgments here, but I am going to guess that they had their messages gone over a couple times by seasoned professionals.

The bulk of the candidates are writing at the junior and senior in high school. The lowest of these (and low can be a good thing from reading comprehension) is Caleb Love Chachi Mardini, who comes in at the sophomore level.

The easiest to read? Robin Adair, who comes in at a 5th grade level.

Just one more piece of irrelevant information for the ongoing campaign.

More later,