Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hutts Hit the Street

Scourge streets today. That's publishing lingo to say that it is now available in physical form at your better bookstores and in digital form for your electronic mojo platforms. I've been busy talking to a lot of people about the book, and a lot of people have been busy reviewing the book. Here's a big summary for this, launch day.

Roqoo Station has been incredibly busy, with a full-fledged Hutt Week to celebrate the book. I have an interview here and a review here (spoilers - they liked it). And speaking of spoilers, they did a mildly spoilerish and neatly illustrated reader's guide to the book, which is really cool.

Eric Geller interviewed me, and the results are split between Suvudu and TheForce.net. In addition, I was engaging with this young-folks new-media stuff and did a Facebook chat on the Star Wars Books page. The discussion is more neatly summarized in a couple places, include on TheForce.net and Roqoo (and let it be known that, despite the photos - I have more than one Hawai'ian shirt - that's just my favorite).

I talked about the book (and about Hutts, of course), with Erin over at EUCantina. Plus there is another review there (spoilers - they liked it). Linda over at Fan Girl Blog has a nice review (spoilers - OK, I'll stop now). Plus I have an interview with her later in the week. And more reviews from Lightsaber Rattling and Alternative Worlds.

The folks at Guild Wars Insider have a mention of the book. And I have to reassure everyone that no deadlines on the game died to make this book happen.

And if all this isn't enough, here are the first FIFTY PAGES of the book for your consideration. There is more to come, and I will update going forward. In the meantime, go enjoy the book, already.

More later,