Tuesday, April 03, 2012


And so it begins.

I haven't talked much about Scourge, my Star Wars novel, in this space. Part of the reason why is that I hate to talk about things until they are done. And by done, I mean in-your-hands, hey-ma-look-what-I-did done. The modern marketplace is a strange thing, and in order to make sure things "land" properly, often stuff changes. So only when I have a physical book in my physical possession do I feel comfortable talking about it.


Scourge has an official street date - April 24 of this year. That's about three weeks away. And so, you're going to get about three weeks of notes, comments, interviews, and other nonesuch about the book. Material will be promoted. Insights will be made. Links will be had.

Speaking of the last, the good folk at Del Rey have been teasing the heck out of the book. They have released the front matter (the first part of the book that you usually skip over to get to the meat, including the dedication, acknowledgements, timeline, and legal stuff ) AS WELL AS the first pages of the introduction and first twelve pages of the book. Click on the cover in the reader-shaped object to open it up and enjoy. Its the electronic equivalent of flipping through the book at the store and pulling a couple choice paragraphs out, before you decide to buy.

Go check it out.

More later,