Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The Blog Goes Ever On and On

Except when it doesn't. I haven't been ignoring this on purpose, but I've been busy with about five jobs at once.

Job Number One is the Day Job, which concludes this Friday. It was helping with the Star Wars miniatures game (which has been announced, so I can say it). Yeah, its going to be a lot of fun.

Job Number Two is the Contract Job that follows the Day Job, and is due on the 5th. Its a bit of World-building, but will carry me through the holidays.

Job Number Three is the Looking for a Job, for that position that hopefully will open up after after 5 January that will see me through the rest of the year.

Job Number Four is a short story due to a friend at the beginning of this year. Its a collection that involves a lot of talent, and I'm very excited about it, but I can't tell you any more about it.

Job Number Five is the holidays. Shopping, of course, mostly for Kate, but also prepping for our annual Christmas Day Dinner. And a couple parties in the meantime.

So its a bit hectic. How hectic? I won't get to see Lord of the Rings until Monday or so (and that's because Kate is even more buried with H&R Block).

More later. No, really.