Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I Remain Employed, Kinda

It's been an interesting week past, and promises to be a hectic holiday week. One of the harder parts of freelance is that there is no official "time off" - no holidays, unless you declare them yourself (and work harder to keep up with the deadlines).

First off, I've agreed to take a position with True North, run by Rich Kaalaas. They're a firm that does web design, graphic design, and content for Hasbro (among others), including on-line activities, promotional copy, and flash animation. He's bringing me on as a copy writer, which is a new/old thing for me - I've done it before, but never as the headline part of my job. Rich is old-school WotC, and I am friends with two guys already working for him, Steve Winter (great editor) and Steve Conard (great idea man). So that starts on the 5th of January.

So, I am effectively still temping - I'm hourly, and it all depends on how much work they can scare up. But they do have medical benefits, excellent pay, and a lot of potential for growth. They seem to be building a solid rep as a company and, to be frank, it looks like its exactly the sort of thing I thrive on - a lot of cool stuff, all happening at once.

In the wake of this news, WotC has informed me that they wish to extend my current work out to the End of January. I was wrapping things up with a ribbon for the 19th of this month, since they hadn't said anything definite. Now, True North thinks it will eventually get me the hours for a full-time after a month, but the first month should be a bit shy, so this works out, since the Wizards work will be heavy in the early going, then taper off. So I'm back with them on the 5th, and go to the end of the month.

So far, so good - I think I can serve two masters. Then today an opportunity shows up from Hasbro through True North which needs a designer/developer, which involves heading for corporate HQ in Pawtucket for the first week in January. The stresses of having two corporate masters (even in the same corporation) are already starting to be felt.

Did I mention I still have to do the world-building that's due on the 5th, and a short story that's due on the 1st?

And of course the Christmas shopping, which is done this year - Kate was the last one on the list, and I got her stuff today. And there have been a lot of parties and friends in the past week, so I'm working through a busy social schedule as well.

And despite it all, Kate and I got to see Return of the King. I have thoughts about it, but the interesting thing that I've heard from my friends is what I haven't heard - there's sort of a stunned awe that spreads through when discussing this. Its a huge film, and an amazing achievement. More on that later.

No really, more later.