Wednesday, December 31, 2003


So its not enough to encounter the white stuff out on the peninsula, it has to follow us here. Here, to the domain of temperate weather. The Noive!

Actually, its a really pretty outside right now - a mantel of white draped over the as-yet-unraked leaves in the back yard. The trees are heavy with it - its a wet snow that sticks to everything, and the bronze cat birdbath is wearing a white hood. Its down to flurries right now, but the air is cool and crisp and the decks and porches are bare (big overhangs on the eaves).

This sort of thing makes me happy I finished my short story yesterday and hand-delivered it to the editor - I don't want to leave the house at the moment. And since I have a project with an immediate deadline I am working on, Kate's in the kitchen, and nephew John Michael is downstairs with the X-Box (The Monkey King lent me some of his games, which were a life-saver), all seems right with the world.

More later,