Monday, March 29, 2004


So for the past two weeks I've been in emotional and creative neutral. Nothing serious, just a total lack of desire to produce. I'd like to say that its the result of spending the month of February with a "symptom of the week" cold, or a backlash from the very busy December and January, or being unable to get comfortable with the loaner laptop or just the fact that Kate's been wrapped up with her work at H&R Block, but I'm not sure what is causing it. Its just that for the past two weeks - nada. Nothing. No great desire to create, or even to share.

I'd call it Spring Fever, but its only been truly Spring for the past few days (sort of like blaming the Stock Market losses on the Spanish rail bombing that happened the third day of that particular slump). It has been wonderful (the weather, not the stock market) - bright and sunny and warm, and I've spent the days and early evenings working on the lawn (mostly pulling dandylions - after lengthy negotiations, it has been determined that while the garden is Kate's and the lawn is mine, the driveway officially counts as lawn with regards to weeding, mowing, and raking leaves).

And the day job has been pretty fun. I've been digging in deeply to figure out what people do for on-line activities (which involves a lot of solitaire games, I've discovered), as well as tracking down the official bibles of most of the Intellectual Properties I'm working on (Cry for me, I have to read EZ-Bake Oven recipes). Yet when I get home, I sprawl, read the paper, flip between channels, read books I've read before, and stay away from the computer.

Its not a totally weird situation for me - I've been here before, but usually with some demonic deadline breathing down my neck inspiring panic if not outright creativity. At the moment, I just feel like a body at rest, and thats OK for me right now. In another week, I will start worrying if I'm ever going to become a body in motion again.

One thing I do have to share is an update on the Dinosaur Birds (see below). The development hearing has been moved to Tuesday, April 20th, 8:30 AM (!) at Renton City Hall Renton City (1055 South Grady Way, Renton). If you're local to this journal, I recommend you check out the heron colony (before the leaves come out on the cottonwoods, its good viewing), and if you're interested in aiding the cause, check out the website here.

OK, I haven't completely ground to a halt. More later,