Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Your Government At Work

And then there's stuff like this that's just too weird to ignore. The short version is, the current administration has requested funds for the transition between its 1st term and its 2nd. Usually such funds are used for training and relocation for the new team coming in, but the current guys expect such a major turnover that they are effectively starting all over again.

OK, to some degree this makes sense - its not like the members of the current administration have that great a legacy, and maybe a lot of pink slips will be going out as they streamline the operation and move more of the functions of government offshore. And the fact is that the outgoing team has shown itself to be poor sports in the past - they might vandalize the offices on the way out. Better safe than sorry.

In addition, I think this is a great opportunity for the current administration to "run against Washington" as an outsider (always a popular position). I mean, with high unemployment, a cruddy economy, a couple wars, messy foreign relations, fraud, intrigue, hypocracy, corruption, and a horrible image both at home and abroad, I think this is the way to go. Bring responsibility back to Washington! Vote for the current guys, and they'll turn the current guys out of office! That'll show 'em!

More later,