Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Back In Action

Back again after a brief interuption. Actually, on Saturday, when I discovered that Kate had loosened the phone wiring when raking the patio, I called Qwest and waded through their electronic message system (they had closed fifteen minutes before I called, Mountain Time), and scheduled a house call, and after ten minutes was told that a repair-entity would be dispatched to my house by 8 PM the following day (Sunday). I thought to myself "yeah, right", and hung up.

And the repair-entity showed up before noon Sunday, determined that yeah, it was a loose hookup, and repaired it then and there. No problem. Kudos to my phone company!

After that I stayed offline for a day because it was such a good day after all, and worked in the lawn with my weed hound. Like Shelly spouse to the Monkey King, I have one of these little weed-catching devices, which looks like a green cane with retractable prongs at the end. Sort of the gardening equivalent of Wolverine. I've been pulling bucket after bucket of yellow-headed dandilions out of the yard, leaving it green each evening, and coming home from work to find more sprouted.

Hey, its a hobby.

In other news, I'm adding two new sites and a blog to the checks at the right.

My Dovehaven is Shaun and Miranda's web page complete with message boards. Shaun and Miranda are former WotC, now in the heart of the heart of the country.

Stevemillersband belongs to Steve Miller (no, the other one), and is always under construction, so don't let that stop you. Steve's message board is cool, but be warned - he listens to a lot of Art Bell. The lovely and talented Steve is also former WotC, and is Kate's Star Wars GM.

Brainstormfront is one more old friend from WotC, Steven Schend. The talented and lovely Steven now has to post more often, since I've hooked him up to my chunk of the blogiverse.

In other blog-related news, the Sloganator is back, though as a private site. Here's your chance to make up your own sign ("Don't Change Horses in Mid-Apocalypse" is always a fave). Hurry, before the Bush/Cheney campaign catches up with them.

And in OTHER other news, while I was writing this, I was push-polled! Apparently I made it through the opening gates of their polling (Votes, mostly Democrat, local, yadda yadda). Then a lot of questions about an upcoming initiative on the ballot to alleviate property taxes by allowing non-tribal casinos to have slot machines. Lot of questions along the lines of if I think its fair that Indians get to have slots and other gambling establishments (we have card rooms here in Washington State) don't. You can imagine my response ("Hey, let's give the Native Americans back their land, THEN we can whine about fairness"). I was amused by the clumsiness of it all and the poor young man was very pleasant, but I don't think I was going in the direction he wanted me to. So obviously, there is now going to be more on this journal about this issue as we go along. (They asked if I was a newsperson - they didn't ask if I was a blogger).

AND in other, other, other news, have another quiz result:

Bob Herbert
You are Bob Herbert! You're not the most sparkling
writer, but one of the most solid and selfless
on the Op-Ed staff. You focus on New York
politics, the poor, race issues, and civil
liberties. You like to quote others, and rarely
place yourself in your columns. You keep it
real. Seriously.

Which New York  Times Op-Ed Columnist Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I can honestly say I have no idea who this guy is. I guess he doesn't hold the proper credentials to be a pundit.

More later,